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本文摘要:China has built an assembly line to mass produce cutting-edge super materials that can perform the previously impossible, according to the Chinese state broadcaster.根据中国广播之声的报导,中国早已竣工了大规模生产“超强材料”的装配线,有了这种材料就可以已完成之前不有可能已完成的任务。

China has built an assembly line to mass produce cutting-edge super materials that can perform the previously impossible, according to the Chinese state broadcaster.根据中国广播之声的报导,中国早已竣工了大规模生产“超强材料”的装配线,有了这种材料就可以已完成之前不有可能已完成的任务。So far, the assembly line located in a lab in Shenzhen has manufactured different types of materials, including one that renders objects invisible, reported China Central Television Station in a documentary released last week.上周中国中央电视台播映一部纪录片,描写的是目前坐落于深圳的一家实验室,早已量产各种有所不同的材料,其中还包括隐形材料。Although the station didnt explain what the invisibility cloak metamaterial would be used for, according to Chinese news portalSina, it is likely to be used on the countrys warplanes, particularly the J-20.在中国新浪新闻上,对于这种新型隐形材料用途没概述,但是很有可能用作中国的战斗机上,尤其是机型J-20。

What the Chinese refer to as super materials are generally known as metamaterials, which are a new class of finely-engineered surfaces that could have properties unachievable with conventional materials.关于片中的超强材料只是笼统地说道是表面制作尤其精美、打破传统材料属性的新型超级材料。Some metamaterials can bend infrared radiation such as visible light, which means they could be used to create invisibility cloaks.有些材料需要倾斜红外线射线,比如红外线,需要用作生产隐形外层。

And according to the Chinese Central Television Station, the Chinese scientists have managed to make such invisibility materials in bulk.根据中国中央电视台,中国科学家们于是以打算让这种隐形材料量产。A report from Sina, one of Chinas largest news portals, claimed on March 11 that the lab in question is the State Key Laboratory of Metamaterial Electromagnetic Modulation Technology in Shenzhen, a state-funded lab established in 2011.来自中国仅次于的新闻门户新浪的报导,2011年国家出资创建的在深圳的超强材料电磁调制技术国家重点实验室。The Sina report also suggested that the metamaterials would be used for military purposes.据新浪的报导这种超强材料不会被用作军事目的。

It also indicated that the invisibility material is likely to be used on J-20 fighter jets because the jets chief engineer Yang Wei is also a member on the laboratorys academic board.据推断这种隐形材料很有可能被用作J-20喷气式战斗机,因为该喷气战斗机的首席工程师也是实验室的学术董事之一。Chinas latest J-20 stealth fighter jets were commissioned into military service last year and are operated by the Chinese Air Force.中国近期的J-22战斗机,去年月沦为军用飞机,由中国空军驾驶员。

Chinas fourth-generation fighter jet, the J-20 made its maiden flight in 2011.J-20是中国的第四代喷气式战斗机,在2011年试飞。According to a 2017 report from China Central Television Station, the J-20 is capable of carrying multiple types of air-to-air missiles.根据2017年中国中央电视台的报导,J-20需要装载多种型号的空对空导弹。Its said to be powered by a made-in-China engine and has similar combat capabilities to those of Americas F-22 Raptor.中国生产的J-20比起美国的F-22猛禽可以说道势均力敌。